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Merry Christmas Meringue

Saturday, December 26th, 2009

I caught a little peek of santa getting his groove on…

“Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night…”


Waking up…

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

…in Paradise.

the first vista I saw as I woke up this morning:

morning view

Marvista Morning View

sorry to disappoint, but I skipped the Hanky Pankys and went straight for the bikini!


sea blue

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

Tonight I am packing. Allelujah!

Tomorrow I leave for a week and half vacation in the sunny, beautiful land of the “rich coast,” or Costa Rica. Unfortunately, I won’t have daily internet access, or phone, or reliable electricity for that matter…so the posts may be a bit sparse.

As I pack my swim suits, beach sarongs, and tank tops, I can’t help but feel a pang of sadness at leaving the holiday spirit of NYC decked in its best red and green. The energy that surrounds this city during the holidays is undeniably special.

Despite this, Christmas for me has always been about that royal, SEA BLUE. Since the age of seven, my family has made our own tradition of spending the December holidays in Costa Rica. It really has become a second home to me, and even more-so now that one of my sisters has decided to start a family there with her husband. My first and only nephew (so far) is half Costa Rican, multilingual, and not to mention the cutest little man alive. …needless to say, over the years I have grown quite a fond of the peaceful little country.

OK gotta run to catch my flight, but if you’re lucky you’ll get a post from down south!

Have a merry little Christmas!


“its not easy being green…”

Monday, December 21st, 2009


Uh, finally had a full day off and spent it “being GREEN” lounging in bed in my favorite flannel shirt and my GREEN hankys.

I indulged myself by sleeping until 10am, then after only getting out of bed to grab a cub of tea, I set to finishing the amazing book I haven’t wanted to put down all week: The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. It is a refreshingly witty and touching series of correspondence between an author in London and the members of a literary society on one of the Channel Island of Guernsey, that accounts the German occupancy during the second World War. A definite recommendation.

When I (unfortunately) came to the end of my book, I wasn’t quite ready to get out of bed (especially with the two feet of snow on the ground!) so I grabbed my laptop and watched a few episodes of my favorite shows on Since I don’t have a TV here in my temporary pad, has become a favorite of mine, which could convince me to never need another TV again! Plus, their GREEN logo was a plus for the day : D

I only faced the bitter cold once for the day to pick up my best friend at the bus stop who was coming in to visit from the hamptons..and then back we went to lounging and chatting on my bed…being GREEEN!

“Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!”

Sunday, December 20th, 2009

First snow of the season for NYC! …wow, let me re-phrase that, first blizzard.

Just spent the past 2 hours of my Saturday night fighting my way through this snowy storm; first to move everything from the Shecky’s sale event back to the SoHo office (note: it took 3 trips) and then to actually get home. Best of all it wasn’t even snowing when i left the apartment today, so I was totally unprepared dressed in thin leather boots, no scarf, and no gloves. Frostbit anyone??

When I finally got to the bottom of the stairs at the Bleeker St metro to head home (after somehow avoiding cracking my head on the pavement at least twice), I was pleasantly surprised to be greeted by a lone musician. No, he wasn’t playing “Let it Snow”–though he should have been–but he WAS playing a most acoustically-appealing melody accompanied by his unique voice.

I decided to spread the holiday cheer and buy one of his CDs. I was all pumped to get home, put on his CD (maybe upload a sampling for you all) and make dinner for myself, with a glass of wine in hand, dressed in my big comfy flannel button up.  …only to discover the CD was called “Scripture of Today,” and he was a christian rocker (no hate) who sounds 99.9% better playing acoustic in a subway station than on his CD. Will unfortunately just have to cut that loss.

Anyways, what I DO have for you all are: a funny picture of some half-clothed chicks caught out in the snow and an all-time classic rendition of “Let it Snow” by Bing Crosby:

Let It Snow-Bing Crosby

view from the Puck building (corner of Houston and Lafayette)

view from the Puck building (corner of Houston and Lafayette)

xox, Enjoy!

ps, today’s color was BLUE, but all I could think was WHITE…


Friday, December 18th, 2009

12-midnight and just getting home again…but this time from work! In a city that never sleeps, typical work hours don’t seem to hold up to the traditional 9am-5pm routine.

My company is participating in a holiday shopping event in downtown, SoHo called Shecky’s. Girls from Manhattan and the surrounding area wait on line for hours for tickets and entrance. There sure was a lot of pINK around!

Check out the site: !


sparkle and sheen

Thursday, December 17th, 2009

ughhh, what a long day! just finally getting home  and its 12 midnight! After working late, I met up for a drink and antipasti with a good friend at Cafe Falai,  a super-chic, little italian place with amazingly authentic food and professional yet friendly/personable service.

So, todays color chosen out of my intimates drawer was NUDE! Although some may see it as boring and bland, I see nude as versatile and very functional undergarment color. Plus, add a little sparkle and sheen to it and you’ve got gold!  Heres a little NYC holiday treat for the eyes with a some sparkle:

Bloomingdales on 59th and Lex wrapped in its holiday best

Bloomingdales on 59th and Lex wrapped in its holiday best

Can’t believe i have to be up in 6 1/2 hrs to do it all over again! These holiday seasons really get the best of your sleep schedule…


Agent Orange

Wednesday, December 16th, 2009

So i signed up for my 6-month, mixed-range Hanky Panky subscription today! I’m soooo psyched to get the first little package in the post!! It will be like Christmas, each month. I wonder what color the first one will be?? I also ordered some for friends…such a great gift idea for the holidays!

Seeing that I’m nearly an HP (Hanky Panky) addict, I already had an array of colorful choices when i opened my drawer this morning for day 1 of the color project. With not only the fate of my blog, but the fate of my day depending on this first choice, I simply couldn’t deal with the decision. I closed my eyes, reached in, and pulled one out. …ORANGE!! I slipped them on and began my day channeling orange energy…

Since I was stuck in the office all day, I wasn’t sure I was going to be able live up to my promise of sending something fun and exciting from NY out to the world. I had a few ideas, but nothing that really popped or embodied the type of color I value.

Low and behold, the “orange energy” came blazing through like the 6-train while en route home this evening…in the form of a brilliant metro performance from some of NY’s up and coming artists! These kids were KILLING it, and what an awesome representation of “color!”:

You gotta see this:

What talent…


Colors 101

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

Hey all! Blogging here from the ever-famous N-Y-C!…

My name is Chloe and I just moved into the “big city” from a small beach-town on Long Island, near the Hamptons. I started a new job about a month ago at a fashion/accessories company in SOHO and for the moment I’m crashing at a friend’s apartment on Park Ave while I look for a more permanent situation. It’s my first time living in a city and I’m super excited to start exploring all the colorful, crazy and culturally diverse things that NY has to offer!…art, music, fashion, people, etc. Won’t you join??

You never realize the effect color (of all kinds) has on your perspective and personality. For example, the multiple colors of a city, the color of the bright sea on a clear afternoon, the color of your bold red lipstick, the color of that favorite shirt…even the color you’re wearing underneath it all!

As you may or may not know Hanky Panky is a NY-based company, so for all you Hanky Fans out there (like me!) I’ll have my eye out for a fun fact, activity, drink recipe, song, star sighting, street vendor or other bright spot of NY life to post up here.

Make sure to check back in on a daily basis for some “insider secrets” as I explore my way around NYC in my Hanky Panky’s!