Colors 101

Hey all! Blogging here from the ever-famous N-Y-C!…

My name is Chloe and I just moved into the “big city” from a small beach-town on Long Island, near the Hamptons. I started a new job about a month ago at a fashion/accessories company in SOHO and for the moment I’m crashing at a friend’s apartment on Park Ave while I look for a more permanent situation. It’s my first time living in a city and I’m super excited to start exploring all the colorful, crazy and culturally diverse things that NY has to offer!…art, music, fashion, people, etc. Won’t you join??

You never realize the effect color (of all kinds) has on your perspective and personality. For example,┬áthe multiple colors of a city,┬áthe color of the bright sea on a clear afternoon, the color of your bold red lipstick, the color of that favorite shirt…even the color you’re wearing underneath it all!

As you may or may not know Hanky Panky is a NY-based company, so for all you Hanky Fans out there (like me!) I’ll have my eye out for a fun fact, activity, drink recipe, song, star sighting, street vendor or other bright spot of NY life to post up here.

Make sure to check back in on a daily basis for some “insider secrets” as I explore my way around NYC in my Hanky Panky’s!


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