sea blue

Tonight I am packing. Allelujah!

Tomorrow I leave for a week and half vacation in the sunny, beautiful land of the “rich coast,” or Costa Rica. Unfortunately, I won’t have daily internet access, or phone, or reliable electricity for that matter…so the posts may be a bit sparse.

As I pack my swim suits, beach sarongs, and tank tops, I can’t help but feel a pang of sadness at leaving the holiday spirit of NYC decked in its best red and green. The energy that surrounds this city during the holidays is undeniably special.

Despite this, Christmas for me has always been about that royal, SEA BLUE.┬áSince the age of seven, my family has made our own tradition of spending the December holidays in Costa Rica. It really has become a second home to me, and even more-so now that one of my sisters has decided to start a family there with her husband. My first and only nephew (so far) is half Costa Rican, multilingual, and not to mention the cutest little man alive. …needless to say, over the years I have grown quite a fond of the peaceful little country.

OK gotta run to catch my flight, but if you’re lucky you’ll get a post from down south!

Have a merry little Christmas!


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