Agent Orange

So i signed up for my 6-month, mixed-range Hanky Panky subscription today! I’m soooo psyched to get the first little package in the post!! It will be like Christmas, each month. I wonder what color the first one will be?? I also ordered some for friends…such a great gift idea for the holidays!

Seeing that I’m nearly an HP (Hanky Panky) addict, I already had an array of colorful choices when i opened my drawer this morning for day 1 of the color project. With not only the fate of my blog, but the fate of my day depending on this first choice, I simply couldn’t deal with the decision. I closed my eyes, reached in, and pulled one out. …ORANGE!! I slipped them on and began my day channeling orange energy…

Since I was stuck in the office all day, I wasn’t sure I was going to be able live up to my promise of sending something fun and exciting from NY out to the world. I had a few ideas, but nothing that really popped or embodied the type of color I value.

Low and behold, the “orange energy” came blazing through like the 6-train while en route home this evening…in the form of a brilliant metro performance from some of NY’s up and coming artists! These kids were KILLING it, and what an awesome representation of “color!”:

You gotta see this:

What talent…


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