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Friday, 9:12pm-6 train uptown-NYC

Saturday, January 30th, 2010

i couldn't resist.

upper east side soirée

Friday, January 29th, 2010

sex never fails….

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

Calvin--on the corner of Crosby and Houston


Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

Colts wide receiver Reggie Wayne is tackled by Jets safety Kerry Rhodes during the second quarter

What a way to start a Monday.

Torrential rain and wind gusts that topped 60 mph wreaked havoc on the city and suburbs today, knocking out power, toppling trees, snarling airports and sweeping chunks of heavy debris from the tops of construction sites onto local streets.

On top of the Jets 30-17 loss last night in the AFC Championships; four blocks of Lower Manhattan were a no-go area after debris rained down from a tower under construction on 8 Spruce St; the street closures forced Mayor Bloomberg to postpone a City Hall ceremony honoring first responders who just returned from Haiti; A passer-by was injured in The Bronx when a sudden wind gust sent bricks flying in front of a fashion boutique; AND I was postponed 45mins this morning due to subway delays.

Let hope the rest of the week redeems itself…


debut ski weekend

Sunday, January 24th, 2010

morning view from my bed--Mt. Mansfield

So being the youngest in my family, by the time I was born, they were all fed up with the snowy, cold, ski vacations. Lucky for me I got to always visit a warm, tropical, getaway…but that also resulted in never learning how to ski!

This weekend I traveled up north with my oldest sister and her new fiance (congrats to MW & MW!) for a treat of a debut weekend on the slopes of Stowe, VT.  We stayed with a great friend of theirs and spent a full day (8:30-4pm) on the mountain….then all night celebrating my beginner’s “success” at one of the most laid-back, chill, breweries/bars, The Shed. Be careful of the Mountain Ale…strong!

Ugh, what a blast!  Although sore, I definitely feel refreshed and ready to take on the city…for another week at least : )


hEARt aTTACk…in a bowl

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

After our Wednesday broomball game, some teammates and I grabbed a few drinks.

Once we were all nice and sauced up, a few of the Canadians on the team suggested we stop to chow on—-what some would call the Canadian national dish, and others, addicting—-POUTINE!

Since it was 2am, I thought we’d just grab it at some late-night Canadian deli (if those even exist) and eat on the go, but they had someplace else in mind…

T-Poutine is a french fast food restaurant located on Ludlow street in the fashionable Lower East Side district. The new hot-spot has an über-dynamic design, which is synonymous with the restaurants signature dish: Canadian poutine. Canadian poutine is basically french fries and different toppings, smothered in gravy and served in a bowl.

so basically hear attack in a bowl….

a wall posting at the downtown Canadian favorite, "T- Poutine"

“Hey, can you spare $12 trillion?”

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

"Hey, Can You Spare $12 Trillion?"

Times Square was hit by a flash mob of “homeless” Uncle Sams today, who were there giving the Naked Cowboy a run for his money, asking passerbys if they could spare some change —$12 trillion, to be exact! Supposedly it was a stunt by the Employment Policies Institute, part of their “Defeat the Debt” campaign to try to educate Americans about just how big the U.S. debt is…a last stop effort a day before Congress is scheduled to begin debate on raising the debt ceiling.

MLK in full celebration…

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

woah! i thought my night was over after that last post, but i guess not!

…so after the football game on sunday afternoon, my best guy friend from high school mentioned he had tickets to the Mos Def concert at the Highline Ballroom, but he didn’t think he was going to use them since he decided to come out to Southampton instead. I said, “why choose one over the other when you can do both!?”

After some convincing, we jumped in his car, drove the 2 hours to NYC  and not only made it in time to see Mos Def perform, but guest celebrities Diddy, Talib Kweli, and Jay Electronica too!! Since Monday was a holiday--in observance of the late and great Martin Luther King--the city was alive in celebration. What an awesome experience to see all four of them on stage at once! Totally worth the drive…

It was totally an impromptu road trip into the city, and can’t believe I didn’t have my camera!!!, but thankfully one of his friends at the venue caught it! Dedicated to MLK, Mos Def and Talib Kweli, “History:”

ps. sorry the sound is a bit off! but they sounded amazing…

pps. i was still decked out in green!



Sunday, January 17th, 2010
Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Shonn Greene's 53-yard touchdown run was the second longest TD run in Jets postseason history.


So tonight was HUGE for New York Jets as they beat the San Diego Chargers 17-14 to move on to the conference championship game, or one game away from the Super Bowl!

I met up with a few of my friends tonight at a local Southampton brewery, The Publick House to watch the game and cheer on our home team. Of COURSE I was decked on the team’s famous GREEN and WHITE.


a winter beach walk

Saturday, January 16th, 2010

i finally made it home to Southampton this weekend!

I have been living in the city for two and a half months, and although I feel I have adapted quite well, I still need that peace and serenity of home to ground me.

The “Hamptons” are famous for their summer beaches, but not many people pay attention to their beauty in the winter. Below is my capture of a back-scape of a sunset. Sometimes its was happening behind the scene that holds the most treasure of all.

looking eastward