debut ski weekend

morning view from my bed--Mt. Mansfield

So being the youngest in my family, by the time I was born, they were all fed up with the snowy, cold, ski vacations. Lucky for me I got to always visit a warm, tropical, getaway…but that also resulted in never learning how to ski!

This weekend I traveled up north with my oldest sister and her new fiance (congrats to MW & MW!) for a treat of a debut weekend on the slopes of Stowe, VT.  We stayed with a great friend of theirs and spent a full day (8:30-4pm) on the mountain….then all night celebrating my beginner’s “success” at one of the most laid-back, chill, breweries/bars, The Shed. Be careful of the Mountain Ale…strong!

Ugh, what a blast!  Although sore, I definitely feel refreshed and ready to take on the city…for another week at least : )


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