hEARt aTTACk…in a bowl

After our Wednesday broomball game, some teammates and I grabbed a few drinks.

Once we were all nice and sauced up, a few of the Canadians on the team suggested we stop to chow on—-what some would call the Canadian national dish, and others, addicting—-POUTINE!

Since it was 2am, I thought we’d just grab it at some late-night Canadian deli (if those even exist) and eat on the go, but they had someplace else in mind…

T-Poutine is a french fast food restaurant located on Ludlow street in the fashionable Lower East Side district. The new hot-spot has an über-dynamic design, which is synonymous with the restaurants signature dish: Canadian poutine. Canadian poutine is basically french fries and different toppings, smothered in gravy and served in a bowl.

so basically hear attack in a bowl….

a wall posting at the downtown Canadian favorite, "T- Poutine"

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